I’d Rather Be Right

JimI'd Rather Be Right

I’d Rather Be Right

Book by George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart | Music by Richard Rodgers | Lyrics by Lorenz Hart

Presented by Sam H. Harris with staging by George S. Kaufman, I’d Rather Be Right opened on Broadway at the Alvin Theatre on November 2, 1937. In 1938, the show transferred to the Music Box Theatre, running for a total of 290 performances. The political satire, which specifically named contemporary political figures, starred George M. Cohan as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, with Joy Hodges and Austin Marshall costarring as the young lovers. The show was Cohan’s first Broadway appearance in ten years, and his highly publicized return resulted in the largest advance sale in Broadway history.


In this political satire, Peggy and Phil want to marry, but they must await Phil’s raise, which will only come when the national budget is balanced. In a dream sequence, they meet President Roosevelt in Central Park, and he works mightily to balance the budget. Unfortunately, he is hindered by the Supreme Court, Congress and his own cabinet. The President never does quite work the budget out, but he advises the young pair to have faith in their country and marry just the same. In a classic musical theatre ending, they do.


Peggy Jones – Engaged to Phil
Phil Barker – An employee of the Federal government
The President of the United States
Secretary of the Treasury
The Postmaster General
The Secretary of State
The Secretary of Labor
The Secretary of the Navy
The Secretary of Commerce
The Secretary of Commerce
The Secretary of Agriculture
The Secretary of War
The Secretary of the Interior
The Attorney-General
The Chief Justice
James B. Maxwell
Federal Theatre Director
Social Securities Messenger
The President’s Mother
A Butler
The Judge’s Girl
The Acrobats