We partnered with Mallory from @Mallory.Erin.Makes to create a customizable, guitar-shaped storage case inspired by Maria’s guitar case in THE SOUND OF MUSIC! Gather some cardboard, poster board and paint to create the storage case, then decorate it using printables inspired by “Do-Re-Mi” – and any other craft supplies you have at home. This is a great, at-home project that kids can customize completely. Combine it with a music lesson by listening to or watching “Do-Re-Mi” from THE SOUND OF MUSIC!

Now let’s start at the very beginning…

guitar case

Supplies Needed:

1. Cardboard
2. Posterboard
3. Exacto knife
4. Hot glue
5. Paint
6. Ribbon
7. Embellishments: stickers, washi tape, markers, etc.

1. Trace your guitar case shape onto cardboard. For the adult size case, use a standard ukulele size.
2. Cut out shape using an exacto knife and trace your second piece. Tracing will make the new piece slightly larger, perfect for the lid!
3. Choose how deep you want the case to be, and cut out identical strips of poster board. These will be the sidings for your case.
4. Use hot glue to wrap your poster board siding around the case. Use two strips for each lid and overlap them with hot glue.
5. Paint or spray paint both sides of your case to cover the cardboard.
6. Decorate with paint, stickers, paper cutouts, washi tape or these patches from the “Do-Re-Mi” coloring sheet.
7. Cut slits through the top of your case lid to attach ribbon for THE strap. Add a dot of hot glue to hold in place.