We partnered with The Maternal Hobbyist, Misty Hill, to create these educational music activities inspired by “Do-Re-Mi”! Make your next family movie night interactive with these free The Sound of Music printable activities for different age ranges. Simply download, print and cut!

Musical Activites

Supplies Needed:

1. The Sound of Music printable pages
2. Pages of 8.5 x 11 white cardstock
3. White printer paper
4. Pencil
5. Scissors
6. Crayons or markers

“Do-Re-Mi” Worksheet Instructions:


  1. Using printer paper, print page 2 from The Sound of Music printable
  2. The von Trapp children are playing tricks again. Can you fill in the missing words they took?

“Do-Re-Mi” Flash Cards Instructions:


  1. Using a sheet of 8.5 x 11 white cardstock, print and cut out the 8 “Do-Re-Mi” Cards, from page 3, along the black lines
  2. You can use these flashcards to practice learning the notes in order

The Sound of Music Pattern Activity Instructions:

  1. First download and print pages 4 and 5 onto printer paper
  2. Cut out the images along the lines from page 4
  3. Use those images to complete the patterns on page 5
  4. Now that you have completed all the patterns, can you use the images to create your own patterns?

Solfege Hand Signs Instructions:

  1. Page 6 explains how to make the solfege hand signs with your own hands
  2. Page 7 introduces younger children to the solfege hand signs. Print and have them color each hand sign. Then practice learning each hand sign together as a family
  3. Page 8 includes the printable solfege hand signs in Color
  4. For a more advanced activity, use page 9 to practice the solfege hand signs while singing along to “Do-Re-Mi!”