Val LaMar
An enthusiastic teenager and natural leader, Val inspires his peers to take fate into their own hands when their parents leave them behind for a vaudeville show tour. He is a well-read, principled and hopeful dreamer who believes that people can do good for one another, but his moralistic passion sometimes gets the best of him. When opportunity arises, he risks everything for the sake of his friends.
Billie Smith
About seventeen years old, Billie travels from California to Seaport, alongside some “pretty tough characters,” after failing to launch an acting career in Hollywood. In need of a job, she meets Val, falls for his charms, and joins his good fight. Though Billie is accustomed to the restless life of a vagabond train hopper, she eventually changes her tune and decides to settle down.
Marshall Blackstone
Loyal, goofy best friend Marshall is the first to support Val’s dream of putting on a show to avoid life on a work farm. When conflicts arise among their peers, Marshall is the first to back up Val; he sticks with his pal even when things look grimmest.
Dolores Reynolds
Daughter of the town Sheriff, Dolores helps Val convince her father to let the kids present a show. Though she initially breaks things off with boyfriend Gus, Dolores eventually reconciles with him when she defies her father and rejoins her peers in a brave act of solidarity.
Gus Fielding
Eager to regain the favor of his former girlfriend Dolores, poor Gus can't catch a break. The goodhearted, decent Gus, who learns to accept Dolores’ independence, eventually gets his wish when Dolores enthusiastically returns to his side.
Baby Rose
A former Hollywood child star, 16-year-old Baby Rose is a warm and charismatic young woman. A seasoned pro, she prefers New York’s West End Avenue to Sunset Boulevard any day.
Irving de Quincy
A talented Black teenager who dances with his younger brother Ivor, Irving is protective and compassionate.
Ivor de Quincy
Irving’s younger brother, Ivor is a sweet and talented kid who has a close friendship with Lee Calhoun's younger brother, Beauregard.
Lee Calhoun
Opinionated, pushy, and more than a little bigoted, Lee is the privileged son of a Wall Street tycoon. Named for Robert E. Lee, the disagreeable teen nearly destroys the show due to his deep-seated prejudices.
Beauregard Calhoun
A kindhearted boy who doesn't think he's as "Southern" as his brother, Beauregard forges a close friendship with Ivor.
Initially in favor of abolishing money and sharing all properties, Peter does an about-face when he comes into a potentially life-altering five hundred dollars. In the end, however, he learns how to do the right thing to support his friends.

Rene Flambeau: A world-famous French pilot, Rene makes an emergency landing in Seaport, inspiring Val to create a wacky plan.

The Sheriff: Father to Dolores, the Sheriff is a strict man of the law, mistrustful of the teenagers.