(all songs by Rodgers & Hart, except where otherwise noted)

1925 Edition

Soliciting Subscriptions

Gilding the Guild

Butcher, Baker, Candle-Stick Maker (music by Mana-Zucca, lyric by Benjamin M. Kaye)

An Old-Fashioned Girl (lyrics by Edith Meiser)

April Fool

Stage Manager’s Chorus (lyrics by Dudley Digges and Lorenz Hart)

The Joy Spreader

Rancho Mexicano (music by Tatanacho)

Ladies of the Box Office

Mr. and Mrs.


The Three Musketeers

Do You Love Me?

Black and White

Sentimental Me (added in June 1925)

1926 Edition

Six Little Plays

We Can’t Be as Good as Last Year

Mountain Greenery

L’apres-midi d’un papillon

Keys to Heaven


Rose of Arizona

Back to Nature

It May Rain

David Crockett

American Beauty Rose



Tennis Champs

Four Little Songpluggers

What’s the Use of Talking?

Idles of the King


Queen Elizabeth

I Call Upon You Gentlemen