Junior Dolan
The son of professional entertainers, Junior spent his youth performing in vaudeville houses, but he has made his career as a university music professor. Talented and ambitious, he longs to return to show biz as a choreographer and dancer. Though his intentions are good, Junior occasionally lets his ambition get in the way of his relationship with Frankie.
Frankie Frayne
A talented and wholesome young songwriter, Frankie has an ear for music and an eye for romance. After falling for Junior, she writes several charming love songs, but she grows impatient with Junior’s increasing obsession with his new ballet.
Vera Baronova
Passionate and temperamental, Vera is the brilliant prima ballerina of the Russian Ballet. Wealthy and powerful, she is prone to jealousy and drawn to histrionics. Despite her outward bravado, she cannot extricate herself from a tempestuous relationship with her philandering leading man, Konstantine Morrosine.
Peggy Porterfield
A successful businesswoman, Peggy is a producer of the Russian Ballet. Pragmatic and confident, she champions Junior as the new choreographer for the company, and she pushes the company to expand its repertoire with Sidney’s new composition.
Sergei Alexandrovitch
As artistic director of the Russian Ballet, Sergei Alexandrovitch embraces tradition, order and discipline. He is a passionate artist and a talented leader. Though he respects and admires Peggy, he resists her call for change in the company.
Konstantine Morrosine
Volatile, emotional and theatrical, Morrosine loves Vera passionately and will do anything to keep her. Though he has achieved fame as the lead male dancer in the Russian ballet, Morrosine is also a gambler and racketeer, consorting with some shady characters.

Phil Dolan: Junior’s father, Phil is a talented vaudeville entertainer.

Lil Dolan: Junior’s mother, Lil is a talented vaudeville entertainer.

Sidney Cohn: a promising young composer in Junior’s class, Sidney has composed a new jazz ballet called “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue.”

Anushka: Vera’s maid, Anushka is savvy, streetwise, and protective of her employer.

Louie: Morrosine’s gangster friend, Louie agrees to shoot Junior during his big performance.

Helen Grimes: A tabloid reporter, Helen interviews the cast and crew of La Princesse Zenobia.

Joe: Joe is the seasoned stage doorman at the theatre presenting the Russian Ballet.

Hank J. Smith: A university music student, Hank composes and performs a song for his classmates.