1955 Original Broadway Production

Rodgers & HammersteinPipe Dream


1955 Original Broadway Production

Making a splash with its Broadway debut on November 30, 1955, Pipe Dream played its premiere performance at the Shubert Theatre to an audience ready to experience Rodgers & Hammerstein’s latest creation. Based on Steinbeck’s novel Sweet Thursday, a follow-up with the characters of his previously known book Cannery Row, Pipe Dream transported audiences to the world of postwar Monterey, California. With a cast led by William Johnson, Judy Tyler, Mike Kellin and Helen Traubel, Pipe Dream played 246 performances, closing on June 30, 1956.


Preserved from the premiere production, this Original Broadway Cast recording of Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Pipe Dream begins with a glorious overture, which immediately transports listeners to the gorgeous central coastline of California. Though often overlooked, this treasured score captures the essence of what makes the music of Rodgers & Hammerstein so universally beloved. Featuring a cast led by William Johnson and Helen Traubel, the album was first released as an LP on June 1, 1955, alongside popular recordings by Perry Como.