Babes in Arms

Rodgers & HammersteinBabes in Arms

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Babes in Arms

Music By Richard Rodgers  Lyrics By Lorenz Hart

In the title number from Rodgers & Hart’s hit 1937 musical, Val and his teenage friends declare their independence and vow to prove their worth.


“Babes in Arms” LYRICS

They call us babes in arms,
But we are babes in armor.
They laugh at babes in arms,
But we’ll be laughing far more.
On city streets and farms
There’ll be a rising war cry.
Youth will arrive,
Let them know you’re alive,
Make it your cry!

They call us babes in arms;
They think they must direct us.
But if we’re babes in arms,
We’ll make ’em all respect us.
Why have we got our arms?
What have we got our sight for?
Play day is done;
There’s a place in the sun
We must fight for!
So babes in arms, to arms!