Rodgers & HammersteinBabes in Arms

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Music By Richard Rodgers  Lyrics By Lorenz Hart

After a long day of working on the farm, Baby Rose and the gang fantasize about an easier life. This jaunty number made its debut in the original 1937 Broadway production of Babes in Arms, but was not included in the 1939 film.


“Imagine” LYRICS

Wear a smile,
A sunny smile,
Be happy till the last long mile.
A smile for breakfast,
A smile for lunch.

There’ll be no breakfast for this here bunch!

Wear a smile,
A merry smile.
A smile can make the world worthwhile.
Be bright and cheery
When things look tough.
A sailor laughs when the sea is rough.

I’ve had enough of this cheerful stuff.

The situation is fearful,
But I’ve got a way to be cheerful!

Imagine your bills are paid,
Imagine you’ve made the grade,
With no dishes in the sink,
All you do is drink
Claret lemonade!

Imagine you own a car,
A trailer that has a bar,
Your clothes fit you very well,
Telling what a swell
You are!

You’re such a handsome kid.
Folks tell of what you did.
No wonder Mister Goldwyn made a bid!

Imagine you’re out of debt,
And love brings you no regret.
If you can imagine this,
Then you must be nuts, my pet!