Geraniums in the Winder

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Geraniums in the Winder

Lyrics By Oscar Hammerstein II  Music By Richard Rodgers

After seeing his beloved Carrie demonstrate her self-defense skills with Jigger Craigin, Enoch Snow sorrowfully mourns what might have been; it appears that Carrie has created irreparable damage to their relationship.


“Geraniums in the Winder” LYRICS

Geraniums in the winder,
Hydrangeas on the lawn,
And breakfast in the kitchen
In the timid pink of dawn,

And you to blow me kisses
When I headed fer the sea—
We might hev been
A happy pair
Of lovers—
Mightn’t hev we?

And comin’ home at twilight,
It might hev been so sweet
To take my ketch of herring
And lay them at your feet!

I might hev hed a baby
To dandle on my knee,
But all these things
That might hev been
Are never,
Never to be!