All Kinds of People

Rodgers & HammersteinPipe Dream


All Kinds of People

Lyrics By Oscar Hammerstein II  Music By Richard Rodgers

At his marine biology lab, Doc explains to Hazel the importance of studying the diversity of life in our ecosystem in order to better understand our own place in it.


“All Kinds of People” LYRICS

The starfish may look unimportant,
Lying limply on his underwater shelf.
He may look unimportant to you,
But he’s very interesting to himself.

It takes all kinds of people to make up a world,
All kinds of people and things.
They crawl on the earth,
They swim in the sea,
And they fly through the sky on wings.
All kinds of people and things,

And brother, I’ll tell you my hunch:
Whether you like them
Or whether you don’t,
You’re stuck with the whole damn bunch!

I don’t think so much of the buzzard,
He is something I would never like to be.
But who knows what goes on in his mind?
He may think he is superior to me!

Hazel: [outraged]
Aw now, Doc!

You may not admire armadillos,
They’re repulsive and they lead peculiar lives.
They may not look attractive to you
But they’re very interesting to their wives.

One guy will kill you for dough,
And one guy will rob you of lunch.
One guy will help you,
And he makes you fall
In love with the whole darn bunch.