Rodgers & HammersteinPipe Dream

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Lyrics By Oscar Hammerstein II  Music By Richard Rodgers

Realizing Doc needs his help, Hazel has to do the one thing he finds most difficult: think.


“Thinkin’” LYRICS

I suffer somethin’ awful when I think;
Thinkin’ puts my brain on the blink.
I feel a kind of tickin’
And a scrapin’ in my head
Like a million skaters clickin’ round a rink!

And here’s the part that always gets me sore—
Thinkin’ never changes the score.
By the time you make yer mind up
It’s a cinch you’re gonna wind up
Behind the eight ball like you was before!

When I got somethin’ important to think about, I go and hide under a tree so I can be alone and nobody can bother me. Then I add it all up, dope it out – kinda mule it over. Hardest thing for me is to remember what the problem is. It goes away from me and I chase it and then other things come in between it and me, like they was tryin’ to trip me up…

I grit my teeth
An’ shut my eyes
An’ I screw my eyebrows together
An’ I cover my ears so there ain’t no chance to hear.
I stay this way fer a minute er two
An’ try to think a problem through
To dig and dig and dig fer a big ideer!
Then I open my eyes
An’ ungrit my teeth
An’ I separate my eyebrows
An’ I take my hand off my ear so I can hear.

I pull my thoughts together
An’ I tie them in a knot.
Then I look at what I got—



It all begun
When he meets a broad
An’ he says he’s writin’ a paper
Which is gonna be full o’ that scientific crap—
Then right away it’s a federal case!
He won’t let no one in his place,
An’ Mac says Doc’s been caught in a cul-de-sap!

Then the Fourth o’ July
Come along last night
An’ it falls right on Doc’s birthday.
When he sings “Will You Marry Me?”
Suzy runs away—

Could Suzy be the reason
Why Doc is in a rut
An’ goin’ off his nut?

What was the problem?