Margy Frake

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frake, Margy is a blossoming young woman who finds herself questioning many things. While the boy she has been paired with her whole life, Harry, awaits her decision regarding his proposal of marriage, Margy must make up her mind. When she makes an unlikely connection at the fair with a worldly reporter named Pat, everything changes.

Wayne Frake

The bright-eyed son of Mr. and Mrs. Frake, Wayne has been dating Eleanor, who can no longer accompany him to the State Fair. When Wayne becomes hopelessly enamored on the Fairgrounds Midway, he questions everything around him and risks it all for a singer named Emily. Ultimately, returning to home to his Iowa farm makes everything clear for this all-American boy.

Abel Frake

The loving patriarch of the Frake family, Abel is a passionate farmer who takes great pride in his pig, Blue Boy, whom he hopes will again win the blue ribbon at this year's Iowa State Fair. A family man through and through, Mr. Frake has great faith in his children and a deep love for his wife, Melissa.

Melissa Frake

A loving mother who wants the best for her family, Melissa maintains the harmony in the Frake family. This year Mrs. Frake’s heart is set, once again, on winning the best mincemeat and best pickles contests at the State Fair. She is devoted to her husband, Abel, with whom she shares a strong and loving partnership.

Emily Arden

A glamorous entertainer who's been on the road for years, Emily is determined to someday make it on Broadway in New York City. With a lighthearted air and seasoned wit, she keeps Wayne's eagerness at bay. Though their “trip to the moon” is short, she wisely reminds them to be grateful before going their separate ways.


An experienced reporter, Pat has charmed girls all over the world in his time working as a war correspondent. He is slightly disappointed to now be covering subjects like a state fair. When he meets Margy, however, he marvels at her perspective. Inspired to change his tune, Pat trades in his old ways to become a better man for his new love.

Harry: Margy's childhood best friend and presumed fiance; he expects an answer to his proposal of marriage. Impatient with Margy’s indecision, Harry follows the Frakes to the State Fair.

Eleanor: Wayne's hometown girlfriend; she is unable to join the Frakes at the fair due to her acceptance into nursing school.

Lem and Clay: Fellow Iowan farmers and friends of Abel; proud owners of prized hogs.