Gliding Through My Memoree

Rodgers & HammersteinFlower Drum Song

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Gliding Through My Memoree

Lyrics By Oscar Hammerstein II  Music By Richard Rodgers

Harvard, a young man who has agreed to make all the costumes in exchange for a features spot, just isn’t cutting it in his sailor number. Wang assumes the role himself and expertly leads the company with charm and finesse.


“Gliding Through My Memoree” LYRICS

I am a vagabond sailor,
All my friends call me “sport.”
I am a fellow for action,
Any storm in a port.

Now that I’m home and I’m resting,

Wang & Quartet:
Home from over the sea,
All of the girls who adored me
Go gliding through my memoree!

They are gliding through his memoree!

Wang (with Quartet):
A sweet colleen from Ireland,
Her hair was fiery red,
Her eyes gave out a green light
That said I could go ahead.

I met a girl in Sweden
Of whom I grew quite fond,
A stately Scandinavian type,
A buxom, blue-eyed blonde.

And then, in merry England,
A girl who worshipped me,
Gliding through my memoree—
That’s how I see them,
Gliding through my memoree!

Hey sport, there are many more girls.

Wang (with Quartet):
In sunny Barcelona,
A dancing chick I picked.
Her castanets were clicking
Like nothing ever clicked!

A very friendly ma’mselle
In oo-la-la Paree
She was a girl who couldn’t say
Anything but oui!

’Twas fun to cast an anchor
In lovely Casablanker.
I loved a Grecian doll and
Another doll in Holland,

But of all the girls in every hemisphere,
There is no one like the girl I have right here—
Right here on…

Grant Avenue, San Francisco,
California, U.S.A.

Yes, Grant Avenue.
Where is that?

San Francisco!

That’s where’s that!

California, U.S.A!