Rodgers & HammersteinFlower Drum Song

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Lyrics By Oscar Hammerstein II  Music By Richard Rodgers

When Mei Li shares her inability to grasp American dating habits, Ta playfully assures her that she’s the kind of girl whose appeal is much simpler; someday a special guy will want to spend an idyllic Sunday with her.


“Sunday” LYRICS

Ta: [spoken]
Just wait. One day, that special guy will get down on one knee and say to you:

Now that we’re going to be married,
I’ll keep imagining things,
Things that can happen to people
When they are wearing gold rings.

Mei Li: [spoken]
Is that the “proposal”?

Ta: [spoken]

Being together each morning,
Sharing our coffee and toast—
That’s only one of the pictures.
Here’s what I picture most:

Sweet Sunday,
With nothing to do,

Mei Li: [spoken]
Did we lose our jobs?

Ta: [spoken]
No, it’s our day off here.

And lovely,
My one day with you.
And happy,
We’ll drift through the day,
Dreaming the hours away.

Mei Li: [spoken]
What would we do all day?

Ta: [sung]
While all the funny papers lie or fly around the place,
I will try my kisses on your funny face.

Then waking
On Sunday, you’ll see
Only me!