What Is a Man?

Rodgers & HammersteinPal Joey

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What Is a Man?

Lyrics By Lorenz Hart  Music By Richard Rodgers

After Joey insults her, Vera contemplates the nature of men, wryly assessing her own past relationships as she considers pursuing a new one.



“What Is a Man?” LYRICS

There are so many, so many fish in the sea,
Must I want the one who’s not for me?
It’s just my foolish way.
What can I do about it?
I much too used to love
To be without it.

What is a man?
Is he an animal?
Is he a wolf,
Is he a mouse?
Is he the cheap or the dear kind?
Is he champagne or the beer kind?

What is a man?
Is he a stimulant –
Good for the heart,
Bad for the nerves,
Nature’s mistake since the world began?
What makes me give?
What makes me live?
What is this thing called man?

Hello, Jack,
Can’t keep the appointment.
Have an awful cold. (Sneeze)
Hello, Frank,
Have to meet my husband.
So long – please don’t scold.
Hello, hello, love.

What is a man?
Is he an ornament –
Useless by day,
Handy by night?
From Charlie Chaplin
To Charlie Chan,
All have one trick,
One that is slick –
What is this thing called man?