You Mustn’t Kick It Around

Rodgers & HammersteinPal Joey


You Mustn’t Kick It Around

Lyrics By Lorenz Hart  Music By Richard Rodgers

After maneuvering his way into an emcee gig, Joey Evans leads a group of chorus dancers in rehearsal for that night’s show.



“You Mustn’t Kick It Around” LYRICS

I have the worst apprehension
That you don’t crave my attention,
But I can’t force you to change your taste.
If you don’t care to be nice, dear,
Then give me air, but not ice, dear.
Don’t let a good fellow go to waste.
For this little sin that you commit at leisure,
You’ll repent in haste.

If my heart gets in your hair,
You mustn’t kick it around.
If you’re bored with this affair,
You mustn’t kick it around.

Even though I’m mild and meek
When we have a brawl,
If I turn the other cheek
You mustn’t kick it at all.

When I try to ring the bell,
You never care for the sound –
The next guy may not do as well,
You mustn’t kick it around!