That’s for Me

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That’s for Me

Lyrics By Oscar Hammerstein II  Music By Richard Rodgers

When  a glamorous and somewhat mysterious woman rescues him from a corrupt carnival barker’s scam, headstrong Wayne is smitten.


“That’s for Me” LYRICS

Right between the eyes!
Quite a belt, that blow I felt this morning!
Fate gave me no warning,
Great was my surprise!

I saw you standing in the sun,
And you were something to see.
I know what I like, and I liked what I saw,
And I said to myself,
“That’s for me!”

“A lovely morning,” I remarked,
And you were quick to agree.
You wanted to walk and I nodded my head
As I breathlessly said,
“That’s for me!”

I left you standing under stars—
The day’s adventures are through.
There’s nothing for me but the dream in my heart,
And the dream in my heart—
That’s for you!
Oh, my darling,
That’s for you!