An Ordinary Couple

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An Ordinary Couple

Lyrics By Oscar Hammerstein II  Music By Richard Rodgers

After the Captain and his new governess, a former postulant, fall in love and confess the unexpected nature of their feelings, they dream about an ordinary, happy future together.

“An Ordinary Couple” is a simple yet sincere song that beautifully romanticizes the idyllic comfort of everyday domestic, married life. While the moment in the story remains in the movie, 20th Century Fox commissioned Rodgers to write a replacement. “Something Good” was the result.


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An Ordinary Couple

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“An Ordinary Couple” LYRICS

An ordinary couple
Is all we’ll ever be,
For all I want of living
Is to keep you close to me;

To laugh and weep together
While time goes on its flight,
To kiss you ev’ry morning
And to kiss you ev’ry night.

We’ll meet our daily problems,
And rest when day is done,
Our arms around each other
In the fading sun.

An ordinary couple,
Across the years we’ll ride,
Our arms around each other,
And our children by our side…
Our arms around each other.