Kind and patient, Cinderella was left by her late father to live with her stepmother and stepsisters, who have forced her into a life of housework and serving their many needs. Alone, Cinderella dreams of living an exciting life elsewhere. When it’s announced that the Prince is giving a ball for the Kingdom, she helps her stepsisters and stepmother prepare, and wishes she could attend. Her mysterious Godmother arrives at just the right time, and magically grants Cinderella's "impossible" wish, with one condition: she must be home by the stroke of midnight.


His Royal Highness Prince Christopher Rupert has just returned from his studies abroad. Now, for his 21st birthday, the King and Queen are throwing him a ball at the palace in hopes that he will meet a special lady who will become his bride. On the big night, the Prince unexpectedly falls in love with a lovely, mysterious girl who abruptly leaves at midnight. To find her, he must search the entire kingdom with his only memento of her – a glass slipper.


Mysterious and puckish, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother is always looking over Cinderella, whom she loves very much. When Cinderella is left alone to her chores on the evening of the ball, Fairy Godmother uses magic to grant Cinderella's wish of attending the festivities. Later, when all seems lost, Fairy Godmother reappears just in time to reunite the lovers.


His Majesty the King is less than excited by the prospect of planning a costly ball, but he loves his queen very much and will do anything to make her happy, even if it means adorning new formal attire.


Her Majesty. With no recent events for the kingdom’s citizens to enjoy, she is eager to throw a grand ball to celebrate her son’s 21st birthday and find him a bride.


Cinderella's Stepmother is determined to marry off her two daughters, who are just as cruel and malicious as their mother. Miserably greedy, she would very much like to see one of her daughters marry a prince, though she is less than confident in the girls’ natural charm or wit.


Petty, haughty, vain and selfish, Stepmother’s two daughters take pleasure in demeaning and abusing Cinderella. Despite their utter lack of charm, grace or tact, the sisters nonetheless consider themselves worthy of the Prince’s adoration.