Lonely Room

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Lonely Room

Lyrics By Oscar Hammerstein II  Music By Richard Rodgers

In this wrenching soliloquy, Jud’s churning thoughts escalate with contempt for the society that has discarded him. Brutally dismissing Curly’s threatening ultimatum, Jud vows to pursue Laurey with even greater fervor.




“Lonely Room” LYRICS

The floor creaks,
The door squeaks,
There’s a field mouse a-nibblin’ on a broom,
And I set by myself
Like a cobweb on a shelf,
By myself in a lonely room.

But when there’s a moon in my winder
And it slants down a beam ’crost my bed,
Then the shadder of a tree starts a-dancin’ on the wall
And a dream starts a-dancin’ in my head.

And all the things that I wish fer
Turn out like I want them to be,
And I’m better’n that smart-aleck cowhand
Who thinks he is better’n me,

And the girl that I want
Ain’t afraid of my arms,
And her own soft arms keep me warm.
And her long, yeller hair
Falls acrost my face
Jist like the rain in a storm…

The floor creaks,
The door squeaks,
And the mouse starts a-nibblin’ on the broom.
And the sun flicks my eyes—
It was all a pack o’ lies!
I’m awake in a lonely room

I ain’t gonna dream ’bout her arms no more!
I ain’t gonna leave her alone!
Goin’ outside,
Git myself a bride,
Git me a womern to call my own.